I love the concept of Encuentros: close embrace, gender balanced, excellent Tango DJs and the best of all, seeing all the lovely places and cities in Europe and meet people from all over the world which have the same interest... Tango Argentino. So I have travelled from the north of Europe (Norway) to the south (Italy), from the east (Estonia) to the west (Portugal) to meet people with the same passion.

Unfortunately I've got a bit lost with all the Facebook groups and websites, so I've compiled this list as a planning tool. I cannot guarantee that the list is complete, so if an event is missing, I am simply not aware of it, or no information has been provided yet. I also will not list private events, the Facebook groups or a link to the websites. If an event shall be added or removed from the list, please contact me at info@tango-international.eu. I will update the list once a month, with a 12 month preview.

I'm trying to optimize this website for mobile devices, so it looks rather boring and basic on desktop computers. I do not use any cookies or other tracking techniques, there is simply no reason for this.

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Take care and see you on the pista